Web-Based MSDS

  • Inventory products which qualify for MSDS (material safety data sheet) documentation under OSHA regulations

  • Determine if MSDS will be stored in paper format (notebook) or electronically (online or in-house)

  • Research and procure all needed MSDS sheets

  • Generate MSDS documentation (paper or electronic)

  • Provide training for using MSDS resource and for updating in the future

  • Conduct basis OSHA survey to assess compliance

  • Plan and implement Four Point Workplace Program for OSHA

  • May schedule free OSHA consultation survey

database and training  in Western NC, and in Waynesville, NC and Asheville, NC and Haywood county, NC

According to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every workplace that uses, stores or handles hazardous materials, needs to provide information about these hazards to their employees. OSHA directs this to be acccomplished by the document known as a Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS.

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