Social Media

  • Creating Facebook page for business

  • Brainstorming posts/photos/videos to generate buzz

  • Utilizing "crowdsourcing" to solicit user input

  • Highlight employee/accomplishment/product per month

  • Reveal new products/features

  • Sponsor or co-host events and publicize everywhere

  • Post blog updates on Facebook

  • Complete LinkedIn profile for business and all staff

  • Compile list of newsworthy updates/topics for Facebook/Twitter/blog

  • Build curated content (80/20)

  • Follow contacts and clients back to assess needs

social media branding, and building business presence through social media in Waynesville, NC and Asheville, NC

Do not try to sell your products and services via social networks. Instead, focus on building relationships by providing helpful information and valuable tips. By posting great content, you keep reminding them of your brand, and when they are ready to buy, your name will be at top of their list.

Connecting social media with email marketing is the key to your success online