Corporate/OSHA/FACTA Compliance

  • Development of Compliance committee, Compliance officer and reporting system

  • Effective training schedule

  • Policies and procedures to demonstrate compliance

  • FACTA compliance check - merchant payment processing, document disposal, record-keeping

  • Conduct basic OSHA survey to assess compliance - generate written safety program

  • Plan and implement Four Point Workplace Program for OSHA

  • May schedule free OSHA consultation survey

Compliance in Waynesville, NC and Asheville, ,NC

Who Must Comply with FACTA?      

​These laws affect virtually all businesses.​​​
Your business is held responsible for protecting information if:

  • You employ one or more people

  • Your business keeps personal information on file for customers or employees

  • Your business accepts credit cards for payment

  • You buy or sell products on the Internet

  • You do a credit check on an employee or potential customer

Top OSHA Fines:

Training Requirement (average fine $465)

Hazard Communications (average fine $281)

Specific Evacuation Requirements (average fine $2,100)

General Requirement (aka something bad happened!) - (average fine $2,200)

Much easier to be in compliance!